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Mike and Sean met in Japan while touring a show…

Six weeks of traveling together and absorbing the country and the culture, they took advantage of many opportunities to explore music outside of the show they were playing.

A friendship grew and a musical bond developed.

This collection of music represents a beginning to this exploration of original ideas, combining Sean’s guitar and Mike’s flugelhorn. Each bringing their own material to the studio, they chose to invite a few friends to join their duo on 5 of the tracks.

Recording in New York City and Toronto, Mike and Sean made use of the influences of these two wonderful cities to bring this music to light.

"Mike Herriott and Sean Harkness cleverly use their friendship as an additional instrument in their new recording 'Flights’...It's a perfect musical pairing like Cabernet and steak that you can taste for yourself.” - TIM TAMASHIRO, CBC

"I love this combination of guitar and flugelhorn; to my ears, these instruments were meant for each other. This is an album that you would buy for your friends, it's that good.” - ARNOLD VAN KLAVEREN, CFUV

" is clear that guitarist Sean Harkness and fugelhornist Mike Herriott belong on stage or in the studio together—you can cut the chemistry with a knife. Both of them put beauty and feeling first. These two musicians have a great time, and you can tell how much they are in love with the music they play, and playing with each other. You will be too - it is contagious." - RYAN PRESTONE< JAZZ INSIDE NEW YORK

"You can tell something clicked between the two as they know how to dance around each other in a sprightly fashion that underplays the vibe and smarts running between them. A zesty, upbeat combo that works well throughout, these guys ought to stick around and keep doing this, the results really work.” - CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher, Midwest Record